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Moving With Children Tips

Because of the stresses, long list of responsibilities and fatigue that we, as parents, go through when planning for and going through a move, it can be easy to overlook what our children might be going through. Here is a list of important things to consider to make this important transition as stress-free as possible for your school-aged children.

Moving With Children Tips - Pony Express Moving ServicesSocial / Emotional Considerations

Any kind of change can be particularly scary to children, and it is normal for school-aged children to magnify in their minds anything that is even slightly fear-producing.

Therefore, children are often impacted even more than their parents by a move — even though they may not express or overtly show their level of stress or worries on the outside.

Some of the worries and emotions your children could experience during a move include the following:

  • A sense of insecurity and fear about making new friends, or being accepted or liked at the new school.
  • Academic worries related to switching teachers and schools, and encountering new curricula and standards.
  • A sense of loss over leaving current friends, teachers and even their current home and neighborhood.
  • Additional apprehension should the move be associated with life-changing events such as divorce, change-of-job for a parent, financial changes in the family, etc.

More often than adults, children will mask their fears, concerns, anxiety or even depression, sometimes because they themselves are not aware of their underlying emotions or do not want to burden their parents.

So what can you do as a parent to help ensure that your children go through the move with as little stress as possible?

  • Be aware of just how much the move could be affecting your children and encourage them to talk about their feelings and concerns. Do this in a calm, nurturing environment. Maybe plan a “special” dinner with their favorite foods and lead a family discussion Share with them one of your concerns or worries. But then tell them how you worked this out. This will give you the opportunity to draw out their feelings and then help them through their concerns. They will often be tremendously relieved.
  • Make the move fun and give them a sense of control by allowing them to do some planning with you. For example, you can go online together to check out the location of the library closest to your new home, or the closest bicycle shop or specialty stores they like, or the nearby Y or Parks with classes or sports they may want to enroll in. Then make a point of putting on your moving calendar a time that you can go over with your children (if you are moving to someone in close enough proximity) to look over the new places. If you let your children feel that they are a part of the moving process, they will also feel more a sense of excitement over the experience.Take them to the new house or show them pictures of the new house and invite them to participate in the decorating process. Ask them what color paint they would most like for their new bedroom. Offer to buy them a new comforter, and together make some exciting plans for what the new house, and their new bedroom, will look like.
  • Create additional moments of family bonding during the time of the move. As tired as the grown-ups might be, try to sneak in a family game night just before or after the move, go out to the movies, turn the moving boxes into a fort, or turn the packing process into some sort of game. It’s good for them to associate the moving process with something happy and celebratory.

Practical Considerations

Be sure that you have done all the preparatory work necessary to ensure that your children make as seamless a transition into their new schools as possible. If appropriate, find out the summer reading or summer homework for the new school. Speak to your children’s current teachers to determine if there is any information that would be important to impart to your children’s new teachers about their strengths, needs or preferences. Speak with the new school and, if possible, the new teachers to ascertain if your children will need to do any catch-up work so that they are on par with the other children. If necessary, provide them with whatever tutoring or help they need, so that they can be optimally successful and happy at the new school.

Do everything you can to ensure that your children will be able to make friends quickly. Look into enrolling them in local after school classes or leagues. If you attend a house of worship, look into classes and groups your children might enjoy. Try to meet the parents of your children’s new classmates and set up after school playdates.

It is critical to plan ahead for the big day of the move. Here are more tips to plan for your move.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • It is best to have your children stay with a grandparent, family member or trusted good friend on the actual day if someone is local. This will keep them safe and happily engaged.
  • If this is not possible, hire a sitter to spend the day with you, looking after their safety and tending to their needs.
  • Prepare ahead of time ample food and drink. The food should be as non-perishable as possible and easy to eat. Include in your ice chest some of your children’s favorite foods and treats to keep them positive.
  • Prepare ahead of time toys, games and books to keep your children entertained during the long moving process.
  • Your children are going to want to take a nap or relax during the process. It’s a good idea to leave a blanket, pillow, or other comfort items (perhaps their favorite stuffed animals) that they have access to during the day.
  • It is critical to have with you a box of items that you might need in a hurry. Make sure that this box remains in a safe area during the move (the bathtub is a great place to keep important items that stay with you and don’t go on the moving truck). These items should include medicine, Band-Aids, your children’s favorite books, toiletries, and other personal items.
  • Given that the front door of your old and new homes will be open during the move, make certain that your children are kept safe and remain inside the home.
  • Children will often want to play with the moving dollies and cartons that are in the home during the move. Moving boxes can be a great source of fun for children, but they can be hazardous with little children if your little one gets inside. And attempts to speed race on a dolly can also prove treacherous. Be sure to monitor your children’s usage of moving equipment during a move.

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Estimate Packing Time for Your Move

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Estimate Packing Time for Your Move
Why does it seem that the last 10% of packing can seem like 90% of the job? When estimating the time it will take to pack your apartment, condo or home, you always want to err on the side of more time than you think you’ll need. Even if it seems like an outrageous amount, better to plan to have the time available than be caught short on time when you really need it. So how can you estimate how long it will take to pack your belongings? We are glad you asked – because THAT is what this post is about.
From those intent on packing themselves to those who see the wisdom in hiring a professional to pack their belongings, the bottom line is getting your items packed up in a way that allows for safe transport to the new location. As human beings, we are generally optimistic about our ability to accomplish certain tasks. What we often forget is that there are all sorts of little things that add up over the course of the packing process. And if we are not careful to leave a buffer, we can get stuck needing more time than we budgeted.<
Things like running out of packing supplies, the added time to label things properly and pack things well. The time it takes to find used boxes or tape new ones together. The time it takes to move and stack packed items so the boxes are out of the way and still easy to access come moving day.

Three Ways to Estimate Packing Time

Packing Time Method 1

Roughly estimate the “worst case” time scenario you can think of. Then add another 50% to that. Yep, we are serious! It

Packing Time Method 2

Figure out how long it would take to pack ONE average box – start to finish – Include taping the box together, wrapping the contents, packing the box full, taping it shut and labeling the contents on the outside (top AND end). Then, if you are good at mentally calculating volume, walk around your entire home and estimate how many PACKED boxes per room. Do the same for closets, attic/basement, garage, storage, etc. ADD the boxes together and add 20% to the total (just in case). Then, multiply the number of GRAND TOTAL number boxes by the time per box. Take the total time and add 20% more time to it. NOW you have an approximate number of boxes AND the rough time you will need to pack them!

Packing Time Method 3

Unless you have moved several times or are one smart cookie when it comes to estimates like this, it may even take you more time than you calculate.If you can, it makes sense to pay a professional to pack your house for you. Professional packers are both fast and efficient. They pack your belongings with care and understand how to pack for efficient loading of the truck on moving day and for the safety of your belongings while in transit.As soon as you try a whole house packing service, you’ll see what we mean!

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Advantages of moving in the spring

The spring season is a time for rebirth and renewal, as the weather gets warmer, flowers bloom and the air feels crisp and clean. Being that it’s a season that signifies change, it only makes sense that it’s also a popular time to move. The changing of the season and the transition from the cold, frostbitten chill of winter to the warming sun and gentle breeze of spring is a perfect way to transition into a new stage of your life. Spring is also advantageous for many other reasons.

Advantages of moving in the spring - Pony Express Moving ServicesAdvantages of moving in the spring

Moving during the spring season has many benefits a lot of people overlook because of how common it is to move during the summer. Because of the longer days and the increase in temperature, as well as cheaper prices for moving companies, it’s becoming more common to moving during the spring:

  • The biggest advantage when you choose to move during the spring is the mild weather which certainly makes the moving process a lot easier than trying to maneuver a moving truck in the snow or having to load it in the sweltering heat. Moving includes a lot of work, and doing this kind of labor in high temperatures or inclement weather makes it difficult–sometimes dangerous. The excellent weather conditions present during spring definitely reduce the stress that we experience physically and mentally while doing moving-related labor.
  • Spring is also a great time to move if you have kids–there are a lot of days off from school during the spring. Long weekends for holidays and an entire week for spring break enable children to make an easy transition to their new school without affecting their grades. It can be very difficult for any child to attend new classes and make new friends–planning your move during spring break will help your child ease into his or her new school.
  • Spring is often one of the best seasons for selling a home. Many people like to buy a new home in the spring so they are settled by the time the summer arrives. Because of this, you are more likely to sell your house quickly and for a great price than you would be during other seasons.

Planning your moving in the spring season

Many people choose to move during the spring because of the abundant availability of movers and moving supplies, which will only become harder to find once the peak summer moving season gets underway. That’s why moving during the spring will save you money – there is less of a demand for movers and it will be much easier to find a company willing to work with you for competitive prices.

  • Secure a moving company as early as possible for your planned moving date, and then begin planning every other aspect of the move around that date. Brainstorm a list of all the things you need to have when organizing the move and keep it somewhere that makes it readily accessible for you at all times.
  • Get a Free Quote Now. Because of the fact that the spring borders on the peak season for moving, be careful when obtaining quotes and watch out for movers that try to take advantage of the urgency of the season by over-charging.
  • Before you start packing, make sure that you take an inventory of all your belongings, and make note of what needs to be packed first. The best things to pack first are all of your cold-weather clothes such as sweaters, jackets and boots. These tend to be the most difficult to pack and since you won’t need them for a while, it will be best to get them out of the way.

Health tips for moving in the spring

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Health tips for moving in the spring

Sometimes due to the shower of buds and blossoms, spring goes hand-in-hand with pollen allergies. Many people suffer from asthma, sneezing, runny noses, coughing and itchy eyes. These symptoms can be troublesome and extremely irritating, making it difficult to focus on moving and physical labor.

The following suggestions can reduce your chances of being adversely affected by spring allergies and will allow you to handle your move with ease:

  • Check the weather and pollen count: Allergies can be intense during the height of the pollen season. Check the local weather and the daily pollen count in your area to prepare for the expected severity of your allergy symptoms. The pollen density tends to be higher from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m., so it is best to start your move in the early afternoon. Windy days are the worst for allergy sufferers because pollen spreads easily–if there are high winds forecasted, make sure to take allergy medication to alleviate the symptoms. You can find allergy medicine over-the-counter at any pharmacy or supermarket–just remember to check with your doctor before taking them.
  • Seal your boxes: Make sure to seal all of your boxes tightly to keep pollen out, which can indirectly affect your health. Apply one or two layers of thick packing tape to all of the openings of the box and creases where pollen may enter. Just because your boxes are inside the house, doesn’t mean that they’re safe from being contaminated with pollen. If you leave your windows open during the spring, pollen can easily blow in and cover the surfaces of your home in a light yellow/green dust. It may not be immediately visible to the naked eye, but it can be affecting your health.
  • Take care of yourself and dress appropriately: If you’re moving on a sunny day, wear sunglasses to protect your eyes and help you see properly. Also, if your allergies are causing itchy and watery eyes, use eye drops to alleviate the discomfort during the move. Wear light clothes that will not hinder your movement and allow you to move freely as you lift heavy objects and load them onto the moving truck. You should always wear sneakers or boots and never any open-toed shoes, as these can pose a hazard when working with heavy objects. Make sure to dress warmly, as the temperatures are likely to be cooler in the morning during the spring. Layer your outfit so that you can shed as the temperature gets warmer throughout the day. Wear a hat to shield yourself from the sun, and remember to apply sunscreen to exposed areas of skin.

Other tips to remember:

  • If you are moving plants it is better to move them on your own than to keep them in the truck. They are more likely to get jostled around in the moving truck, which can damage or even kill them. Also, they won’t receive any sunlight in the back of the dark moving truck. Once you move into your new home make sure to replace the old dirt with new dirt that contains plenty of fertilizer.
  • As the spring season is notorious for being rainy, it is a smart idea to set up a makeshift canopy between the moving truck and your home if rain is forecast on your moving day to avoid your items getting wet.
  • The end of the spring is closer to the peak moving season of summer than the early part of the spring, so try to schedule your move for early spring– from the end of March through April–to ensure that you get the lowest prices possible.

As stressful as moving can be, there are simple steps you can take to ensure your move goes as seamlessly as possible. A little preparation goes a long way, and in this case, it will save you time and money- something we can all get behind. Contact Us if you need any help moving.

Avoid Being Taken Advantage of By Moving Companies

Moving is a stressful experience. While most places you deal with during a big move will try to help make the process easier, there are people out there who will try to take advantage of you when you’re feeling frazzled. It might be tempting to go for that cheap ad on Craigslist, but if you’re not careful, you could end up getting scammed. (Just imagine, you think you’re hiring a moving company, and instead you get one guy with a sketchy van. Not exactly ideal.) Here are a few things you should watch out for when you’re hiring a moving company.

Avoid Being Taken Advantage of By A Moving Company

What are some warning signs that a moving company is running a scam?

See a deal that sounds unbelievable? It probably is. The advertised price usually isn’t clarified by any small print or context and doesn’t actually say what the price is referring to. That’s what the scam is—as soon as a contingency is encountered (and there is always a contingency: stairs, loading route over 50 feet, etc.) the price will go up. Because there is no paperwork, there is no binding agreement. That’s how you’ll end up with half your stuff being held hostage on the truck on moving day.

What are the hallmarks of a reputable moving company?

For starters, they should have a presence on various consumer review websites, such as Yelp or Google+. A solid company will understand how important it is to build credibility and will make an effort to ensure they are getting positive reviews. Also, be wary of a score that seems a little too perfect, because it might mean they aren’t authentic reviews. As long as the feedback seems positive and reasonable, you’ll be safe.

They should also provide you with a Move Coordinator or Office Manager—someone whose job it is to ensure your move results in a positive experience. This isn’t the same as just making sure a move goes smoothly. Sometimes issues are unavoidable: maybe the keys aren’t available for the new home, or the furniture won’t fit. A coordinator is accountable for moving you from A to B; they’re updated through the process when things aren’t going to plan and take care of any issues that might occur after the move. Both small and large moving companies often miss this step, so if you find a company that offers it, you know you’re in good hands.

What can consumers do to prevent being taken advantage of?

In short, you should plan ahead. When you book early, you have more choices available. It means you can take your time to find the moving company you have the best relationship with. If you have the time, it’s always smart to arrange an onsite visit so you can determine if a company lives up to its promises. (Did they show up for their estimate on time? Did they call if they were running late?) Remember, movers are responsible for safely and efficiently moving everything you own. It’s not a decision you should rush.

Is it commonplace for movers to require a deposit? How much?

It’s common for moving companies to ask for a small deposit, and the amount will vary. The only time you need to be wary is when they ask for full payment upfront, or a really large deposit amount.

What recourse do consumers have if they’ve been taken advantage of?

Get the name of an office manager or owner before the move as a point of contact in case something goes wrong. You should also make sure that a contract gets signed, as this provides minimum value protection for the customer and an opportunity to declare the value of items. If something goes wrong and the company refuses to take responsibility, the Better Business Bureau provides consumer protection and will attempt to gain accountability from the moving business. If the moving company is not BBB accredited, social media is often the last resort.

When you know what to look for, it’s easy to spot potential scammers and avoid them. As long as you take the time to plan ahead, your moving day will be quick and painless.

City To City Moving Tips

City To City Moving Tips

There can be plenty of reasons why you’re contemplating a house move right now. There will probably be one major reason to trigger the household move (like the end of a lease or a new job offer out of town, for example), and sometimes that main culprit may be accompanied by a number of smaller yet still significant reasons (like dissatisfaction with your current job or problems in your personal relationships).

But whatever the primary cause for the big change ahead of you, the final result is that you’re moving to another city soon and you still need to get ready for the Big day. And by getting ready, you should understand completing a ton of important tasks if you wish to have a successful move.

As you will find out soon enough, careful planning and meticulous preparation are everything when it comes to city to city moving – EVERYTHING! Don’t leave anything to chance but organize your time perfectly and make your new city move one for the books.City To City Moving

City to city movers: why you need the pros

Whether it’s voluntary or largely circumstantial, the decision to move to another city is the very first thing in a long line of pre-move jobs that you will be tackling one by one. A good job offer in another city is reason enough to get you to start packing up your stuff, as is the irresistible desire to follow your heart after having met someone special in another part of the country. What matters right now is that the day of your move is approaching fast and you will need to figure out a relocation strategy that will actually work.

The thing is that you will need the right approach to handle the house move because city to city moving is not to be underestimated. The question to answer here is whether or not you will resort to the services of professional new city movers. And if it turns out that you do, you should follow the logical steps of finding and hiring a city to city moving company that will be 1) agreeable to your moving budget, 2) responsive to your individual relocation needs, and 3) showing professional attitude toward the entire moving process.

Here are the some reasons you can end up making that first crucial contact with the moving experts:

Time. Do you have to move out of your place fast, and if yes, just how fast? Lack of sufficient time to prepare properly for moving out is one of the common reasons why people choose to go with a professional moving company. The so-called emergency moves or short notice moves cannot be usually handled by non-professionals simply because the latter have not been trained to pack, protect, carry, and load heavy, large and awkwardly-shaped household items around the clock. When you do something on a daily basis, you tend to get good at it, don’t you? The majority of city to city moving companies know just how to keep a very high level of efficiency throughout the move by maintaining unrivaled speed and safety at the same time.

Safety. The safety of your possessions and your own health should be a big concern – something to seriously think about before moving from city to city. Safety is especially crucial during the packing stage where fragile and easily breakable items could get damaged or ruined forever unless they are professionally packed and adequately protected. Also, if you own things that are extremely valuable /antique furniture/ or exceptionally difficult to transport /a piano or a pool table/, then you won’t have much of a choice but to hire experts who know what they are doing. Risking irreparable damage to your prized items or risking your own health cannot possibly justify your informed(?) decision not to contact city to city movers.

Affordability. Moving locally to a place located just a short distance away from your current home, or moving within the same town or city, is usually a prerequisite for organizing an affordable self-move. However, if you plan to move to another city hundreds or thousands of miles away, then it’s good to remember that the right way to go is to hire city to city moving services. The numerous hidden costs of self-moves will prove, once again, that sometimes it’s much better to trust professionals than to risk your time, money, and health only to make a pointless statement.

The cost of moving from city to city

Without a doubt, you will be very interested in knowing the cost of moving from city to city before the arrival of moving day. This is so because

  • you will want to know if you have enough money saved to cover the moving costs in the first place,
  • you will want to exert control over the move-related expenses by creating and adhering to a relocation budget, and
  • you will want to avoid any unpleasant surprises when it’s time to pay for the services of your new city movers.

Be mindful that trying to guess by yourself how much the new city move will cost you simply won’t work. With the exception of the move distance that remains a constant value even if you wish it weren’t so, there’s no possible way for you learn how much all the stuff you’re moving will weigh, let alone how much you will be charged for the additional service of packing.

Failed attempts at guessing the cost of city to city moving can only lead to unmet expectations and general disappointment. Instead, complete the cost calculation the right way: first, know what factors will influence the final moving price, and then learn your own relocation cost with a good level of accuracy.

  • Due to the future transportation costs, the distance between the two cities will influence the final bill. You can’t expect little or no difference in the cost when moving from New York City to Salt Lake City on one hand, and when moving from New York City to Boston on the other one. After all, the difference is around 2000 miles!. But it’s also true that you won’t be able to do anything about the move distance so you don’t have to really worry about it.
  • Your city to city moving company will charge you for the overall weight of your items for moving unless you’re moving locally, in which case you will be charged by the hour. After all of your household items have been loaded into the moving truck, your items will be weighed at a licensed weigh station and you will be informed of the precise weight of the stuff you’re tasking with you.
  • What and how many extra services you request will affect greatly the cost of moving from one city to another. Just think about packing – the job that takes the most time to complete – and you should be able to understand why each additional service will burden your set moving budget even more. Even if you haven’t asked for some of those extra services, they may be needed for the successful completion of your new city move.

In any case, because of the excess of question marks surrounding the new city moving rates, the only way to know how much you will pay in advance is to get a Free Quote online or call Pony Express at 617-983-8700 .

Moving in the summer

We know the many virtues of summer as the perfect time to move. Not only is the weather gorgeous, but it’s less likely to impede your progress by turning into rain or snow. Students and many workers also have the added bonus of more flexible schedules. Summer is also when there are simply more houses available, and July especially is considered a boom time for the real estate industry.

Moving in the summer

But just as there are many benefits to a summer move, there are certain challenges inherent to the season. It’s important to recognize these obstacles and prepare for a quick and less costly move.

“Hot weather can make moving a genuine hassle.”

1. The weather
You may not have to contend with ice during the summer, but all that sunshine and warm weather can still have a negative effect. Higher temperatures can make moving feel all the more intense, and it’s easy to lose your nerve when you’re covered in sweat. It’s a problem that’s going to be especially pronounced over the next few years. According to the Weather Network, summer 2016 will feature record-breaking highs across the U.S., with less precipitation expected throughout the North East. All of that means warmer, dryer air, and that can be difficult to look forward to during an extended moving process.

2. Heat-related damage
It’s not just people that have to contend with warm weather. Many personal objects can also warp or break down due to the heat in your vehicle or moving truck. According to the Council on Library and Information Resources, both CDs and DVDs are quite sensitive to temperature variations. Most of these items must be stored around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it doesn’t take long in 100-plus-degree temperatures to ruin these for good. It’s also important to consider light exposure. If discs aren’t properly packed away, ambient sunlight can warp or destroy them. Like the heat, it doesn’t take much light to damage an entire collection.

3. Busy moving services
Because there are so many benefits to moving in summer, a number of people take advantage and relocate before the fall. In fact, according to figures from the Network, between 11 and 13 percent of moves take place in summertime. All of those moves result in a greater demand, and that often means less flexible moving dates and tighter schedules all around. Even the best services aren’t immune to the summer surge, and you should enter any summer move expecting some delays. If you plan ahead properly, though, you can help mitigate some of these issues.

A truly cool partner
No matter what challenges summer may present, you can still overcome most of them if you hire the right moving service. Pony Express Moving Services has years of experience planning and implementing summer moves (not to mention fall, winter and spring). They understand the logistics involved in this time of year and account for heat and temperature. Pony Express Moving Services is a partner during the moving process, and they make moving like your own little vacation.

Moving Terms Definitions

Moving is hard enough without all of the confusing industry moving terms that can be thrown around dictionary

Here are some common moving terms defined to make your search for the perfect mover a little bit easier.

COI – A COI, or a certificate of insurance, is used to give proof of insurance to commercial and residential buildings in case damages to the property occur during a move. *Always make sure your moving company is properly insured to protect yourself from personal loss.

Access – Access refers to how the crews will be entering/exiting the property at origin and/or destination. Long walks, narrow stairs, and parking are all things to consider when telling a surveyor about your move in order to give you the most accurate estimate.

Shuttle – A shuttle might be used to transport your goods if the planned truck is unable to make a normal pickup or delivery because of geographical or urban planning (think: low bridges, narrow roads) constraints. The shuttle is the smaller truck used to complete the pickup or delivery. There are separate charges for this service, depending on the size and location of the shipment.

Binding Estimate – If your mover gives you a binding estimate they are guaranteeing the total cost of the move based on the quantity of items and services shown on the estimate. This type of estimate means that you will pay the agreed upon amount regardless of the difference between the estimate and the actual cost of your move.

Non-Binding Estimate – Non-binding estimates charge you based on the actual cost of your move, regardless of the initial estimated cost. This means you could end up paying less or more based on the actual amount of work necessary to complete your move.

Bill of Lading – If you hear the term bill of lading don’t get nervous! The bill of lading is an important part of your move that is actually a service agreement detailing terms and conditions of your move and the receipt for your goods. All moving jobs have a bill of lading attached making it easier to review services agreed upon.

PBO / PBC – here’s an easy one! PBO / PBC just means that the items were packed by owner (you, the customer) or packed by crew. No sweat.

OA/DA – Everyone loves a good abbreviation but they aren’t much fun when you’re stressed! Don’t worry if a salesperson mentions an OA or DA during your conversation. These abbreviations refer to the origin agent (the company at the origin of your move who will service the first half of the move) and destination agent (the company at the destination address responsible for completing the move.) If the company you’re getting estimates from is part of a van-line then the agent on the other end of your move will also be a part of the van-line and you can rest assured that your goods will be handled in the best way possible.

Class 1 Move – A Class 1 move, also known as crate and freight, have your belongings move from one dock to another in shipments. Crate and freight may be a better option for those with smaller moves and can be handled by preferred agents outside of a company’s regular van-line network due to travel restrictions during peak season.

Hoist – In the case of large or heavy items that need to be handled in or out of homes through windows, you may need to use a hoist. Hoists are auxiliary services offered by movers using specialized equipment, such as a hoisting crane and a moving platform.

Valuation – The amount of cash value assigned to the items in a shipment is called valuation in the moving world. When purchasing valuation, the customer will pay a certain amount of money for their items to be covered at the assessed value in the event of damage. There is a required $0.60 per pound minimum for all moves, but for an additional charge you may purchase other levels of valuation options.

Full Value Protection – Full value protection is a valuation option where the moving company is liable to repair or replace any lost or damage items at their full value minus any deductible amount on the valuation option.
Have more questions about moving terms, or want to book your move? Call us today at 617-983-8700 and we’ll get you started or request an estimate online.

How to Move During Major Holidays

Move During Major HolidaysHow to Move During Major Holidays

When you decide to move, you never know when your actual moving day will be.  If you’re selling a home, it could be snatched up by a buyer within a month or take over a year to find the right person.  Unexpectedly, you could end up moving around a major holiday or celebratory event like a birthday or graduation.  This complicates things if you wish to celebrate, and the moving company is scheduled to arrive during the festivities.  No disappointment necessary – you can celebrate and move simultaneously without missing the fanfare by following these moving tips.

Talk to Your Moving Company

Check with your moving company regarding moving rates during major holidays and holiday weekends to ensure it doesn’t cost more than anticipated.  If you absolutely must move around that time, you can budget for more money.  Also, make sure that movers are available at that time.  Packing in advance or hiring movers to pack for you will relieve extra pressure.

Traffic Report

Ask your municipality about changes and delays in traffic patterns due to previously scheduled parades and other holiday events.  Finding out at the last minute that a road is closed could interrupt the route chosen for moving.  Inform your movers of possible snags in transporting your furniture which they may or may not realize and let them know your concerns.

Hire a Sitter

If you have younger children who are disappointed in missing out on holiday festivities because of the move, find a sitter.  A sitter could take your little ones to a Halloween Trunk-n-Treat or the fireworks.  It will enable you to move into your new place and keep them amused.  Although they will miss their parents in the beginning, they’ll return with happy holiday stories to share.

Look for Holiday Activities

Before you move to your new town, find out what holiday activities they offer residents or what nearby festive events are happening.  Although you may cherish your typical holiday traditions, here’s your chance to create new ones, make new memories and meet new neighbors.

Host a Themed Housewarming or Holiday Party

How much fun would it be to host a holiday-themed housewarming party or in celebration of family milestones like an anniversary?  In fact, with a ready-made theme, a joint housewarming/holiday party will be memorable, highly anticipated and easy to plan.  If you need assistance from friends and family, ask them to bring a paintbrush to help paint, food for a potluck party or wear comfortable clothes for an unpacking party.

Don’t Stress Over Decorations

Yes, decorations are part of the magic of the holidays, whether it’s for Christmas, Independence Day or a special birthday, but is it the most important ingredient? Absolutely not! Adding to your stress by worrying that you didn’t hang graduation balloons on the mailbox after you just moved is unnecessary.   Furthermore, don’t beat yourself up that your furniture isn’t perfectly arranged or a trash can temporarily lurks in the living room.  With time, your home will assume its welcoming aura.

Postpone the Party

Maybe moving wiped you out so much that you just cannot fathom celebrating.  A holiday or birthday celebrated on a different day does not diminish the fun or its importance.  Postpone the party until after your moving boxes are empty and your energy returns.  Then you can party hearty and celebrate in style in your new home. Remember, moving is hard work and all you need for a perfect holiday is your favorite people.

Moving Myths

Naysayers will tell you that hiring a moving company and moving in general are bad ideas.  It’s too expensive; too much work and you should just stay put instead of striving for better.  However, we all harbor dreams of living in exciting cities and beautiful homes that not only suit our needs but offer us comfort and peace at the end of hard days.  Tales once told about unpleasant moving experiences spiral into horrific moving epidemics.  Don’t let the mythmakers deter you from planning your move! Listen up while we debunk common moving myths.

Moving Myths

Any Box Will Do

Most people will suggest you visit your local grocery or liquor store for used moving boxes.  However, this is not always foolproof.  Boxes should be sturdy with flaps free from damage and uniform in size so that they’ll “be easy to stack on a dolly,” says Realtor.  If you choose to use boxes not provided by your moving company, you risk packing prized possessions in a box that won’t stay intact when movers pick it up, causing possible loss or damage.

You Don’t Need Special Packing Supplies

Although it’s easier to pick up any old pen found in your junk drawer or mug on your desk, not every pen makes its mark.  A permanent marker used to label moving boxes will last longer with more clarity.  Use packing tape that will secure boxes – not peel off seconds after you tape it.

Move on a Friday

Rumor has it that it’s best to move on a Friday since you’ll have the whole weekend to commit to unpacking, says Realtor.  Of course, that’s true, but you’re not the only one with the same idea.  Movers are busiest on weekends and in warmer weather making moving dates hard to find and pin down.  Prices could also be higher.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Mover You Hire

Although you may think it doesn’t matter which moving company you hire, it means the difference between high prices, hidden charges and loss/damage/theft or safely receiving your belongings at a reasonable cost.  Compare prices and moving services each company provides and rely on word-of-mouth.  At  Pony Express Moving Services, we will work with your budget and offer you a variety of services.

Movers Wait to be Paid

Called “the biggest myth about moving of all”, movers cannot wait to receive payment until moving day is over.  The majority of movers require a deposit to hold the day, secure supplies and a crew.  Then payment is due for transporting and unloading your items upon receipt.

Don’t Worry – Moving Insurance Covers EVERYTHING

Who cares if the movers break your fine china? The moving insurance included in your contract will cover everything you own even if it wasn’t on the inventory list, right? Wrong! Insurance in your moving contract only covers part of lost or broken items.  If you wish to sign up for more protection for something valuable, you will have to get extra insurance.  Read the fine print in any case.

Hidden Charges Always Pop Up

You’re not even worried about moving expenses when you first begin scheduling your move.  Then the bill appears, you review it, and cannot understand why hidden costs were added to the final total.  Ask your moving company representative before you sign the agreement about which costs you are responsible for or choose us at Pony Express Moving Services .  We will discuss the cost and figure out how it works with your budget.