Self-Packing Moving Tips:

  • Use boxes and cartons of adequate size and strength
  • When packing fragile items, always cushion bottom of carton and between layers
  • Wrap fragile items individually
  • Place heavier items in the lower part of the carton and lighter items in the upper levels
  • Be generous with newsprint cushioning; it absorbs shock
  • Make sure all items are firmly packed in each carton. Loose items may move during transit and cause damage
  • Do not overfill cartons. Make sure the tops close easily without bulging
  • Double tape and use PVC or strapping tape to keep cartons from bursting during transit

Moving Tips & AdviceWhen Labeling a Box or Carton:

  • Make sure to use a heavy marking pen. Mark the tops and sides of all cartons
  • List the general content of each carton, and mark the room each carton should be placed when it arrives (kitchen, master, bedroom, etc.)
  • Mark boxes containing fragile items “FRAGILE
  • For items you will need immediately after you arrive at your new home, mark boxes with “LOAD LAST” or “UNLOAD FIRST”
  • When appropriate, mark the carton “THIS END UP”

By law, household movers cannot transport hazardous materials such as:

  • paint thinners, oils and varnishes
  • ammunition
  • bottled gas or propane
  • lamp oil
  • all flammables, explosives and corrosives
  • motor oils and fuel