Tips for Moving in the Spring

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After the harsh and cold winter months comes the spring—a season that represents the start of new beginnings, and also the time of year when the weather is nice and mild. For these reasons and many more, spring is considered as one of the best times of the year for moving. When you consider the fact that movers usually offer lower rates in the springtime when compared to the summer months, it’s no surprise that many people schedule their relocations to fall within these months of the year.

Tips for Moving in the SpringPony Express Moving Services has been a trusted service provider for years, offering local and long-distance moving and storage services for commercial and residential customers. While spring may be the perfect time to schedule your move, relocation is a complex process at any time of the year. For this reason, our helpful experts at Pony Express Moving Services have gathered together this list of tips to help you make your spring move a whole lot easier.

Plan Your Move Early

Although not as busy as the summer season, the spring season is also a busy time. With this, you need to play your move early on by:

  • Finalizing your Move Date: The first and last days of the month are the busiest days so try to avoid scheduling your move during these days. If possible, choose a weekday because you will most likely be able to get a lower rate.
  • Prepare Your To-Do List: Create a checklist of all the move-related tasks that you need to accomplish.
  • Create Your Budget: Get moving cost estimates from moving companies and consider all the expenses that you need to prepare for, including a budget for gas and road stops, and also snacks and drinks for you and your moving team during the move.
  • Create an Inventory of Your Belongings: Create an inventory of all the household items that you will bring with you. This will also help you check to see if anything has been left behind when you unload your items into your new home.

Transfer Your Utilities

Moving into a home without water, electricity, gas, cable TV, or internet service is even worse than it sounds. Before you move to your new home, make the necessary arrangements to transfer your utilities and disconnect the ones installed in your current home.

Monitor the Weather

The weather during the spring season can be unpredictable. Of course, you would want to move when the weather is nice and not when it’s raining. With this, it is recommended to monitor the weather forecasts to have a smooth moving experience. You might also want to prepare furniture covers just in case the weather becomes unpleasant mid-move, to protect your belongings from the rain.

Leave Early

Nobody wants to get stuck in traffic – especially when you have a lot of household items to move. Therefore, you need to plan out your moving time and routes in order to avoid heavy traffic as much as possible. If possible, aim to arrive at your new home early – perhaps even just before sunrise, if possible – to skip getting stuck in traffic, and to finish moving in early. Doing this will also help to give you more time to get settled in at daylight, instead of trying to move in after dark or after it’s gotten too late.

Spring Cleaning Before the Move

Take the time to go through your items and sort according to which ones would you bring with you, which ones would you dispose, and which ones to sell or give to charity. Not only will this allow you to reduce the number of items that you need to pack, but also prevent you from bringing junk to your brand new living space.

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