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Watertown is a city in the Greater Boston area with a growing population of over 31,915 residents. Watertown’s location with its close proximity to Boston, Cambridge, and Newton makes it an ideal city for commuters and families. Residents enjoy good public schools, parks, public transportation, quiet neighborhoods as well as local businesses and restaurants that make it a great place to live, play, and work for families as well as professionals. We are here to help you move to or from any area of Watertown including Bemis, Brigham, Coolidge Square, East Watertown, Watertown Square and the West End.

Watertown Moving Company

Watertown, Massachusetts

Pony Express is a local Watertown Moving Company located in Jamaica Plains, dedicated to professional, experienced service all over Watertown. With over 19 years in the business we are trained professionals who excel in city moving; whether you live in a large or small home, an apartment building, college dorm, condo, or home we have the proper equipment and training to safely load and transport your furniture, boxes and belongings to your new home.

If you are interested in our moving services, please contact us for a quote or set up an appointment to visit our headquarters located in Jamaica Plains.