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Moving With Children Tips

Because of the stresses, long list of responsibilities and fatigue that we, as parents, go through when planning for and going through a move, it can be easy to overlook what our children might be going through. Here is a list of important things to consider to make this important transition as stress-free as possible for your school-aged children.

Moving With Children Tips - Pony Express Moving ServicesSocial / Emotional Considerations

Any kind of change can be particularly scary to children, and it is normal for school-aged children to magnify in their minds anything that is even slightly fear-producing.

Therefore, children are often impacted even more than their parents by a move — even though they may not express or overtly show their level of stress or worries on the outside.

Some of the worries and emotions your children could experience during a move include the following:

  • A sense of insecurity and fear about making new friends, or being accepted or liked at the new school.
  • Academic worries related to switching teachers and schools, and encountering new curricula and standards.
  • A sense of loss over leaving current friends, teachers and even their current home and neighborhood.
  • Additional apprehension should the move be associated with life-changing events such as divorce, change-of-job for a parent, financial changes in the family, etc.

More often than adults, children will mask their fears, concerns, anxiety or even depression, sometimes because they themselves are not aware of their underlying emotions or do not want to burden their parents.

So what can you do as a parent to help ensure that your children go through the move with as little stress as possible?

  • Be aware of just how much the move could be affecting your children and encourage them to talk about their feelings and concerns. Do this in a calm, nurturing environment. Maybe plan a “special” dinner with their favorite foods and lead a family discussion Share with them one of your concerns or worries. But then tell them how you worked this out. This will give you the opportunity to draw out their feelings and then help them through their concerns. They will often be tremendously relieved.
  • Make the move fun and give them a sense of control by allowing them to do some planning with you. For example, you can go online together to check out the location of the library closest to your new home, or the closest bicycle shop or specialty stores they like, or the nearby Y or Parks with classes or sports they may want to enroll in. Then make a point of putting on your moving calendar a time that you can go over with your children (if you are moving to someone in close enough proximity) to look over the new places. If you let your children feel that they are a part of the moving process, they will also feel more a sense of excitement over the experience.Take them to the new house or show them pictures of the new house and invite them to participate in the decorating process. Ask them what color paint they would most like for their new bedroom. Offer to buy them a new comforter, and together make some exciting plans for what the new house, and their new bedroom, will look like.
  • Create additional moments of family bonding during the time of the move. As tired as the grown-ups might be, try to sneak in a family game night just before or after the move, go out to the movies, turn the moving boxes into a fort, or turn the packing process into some sort of game. It’s good for them to associate the moving process with something happy and celebratory.

Practical Considerations

Be sure that you have done all the preparatory work necessary to ensure that your children make as seamless a transition into their new schools as possible. If appropriate, find out the summer reading or summer homework for the new school. Speak to your children’s current teachers to determine if there is any information that would be important to impart to your children’s new teachers about their strengths, needs or preferences. Speak with the new school and, if possible, the new teachers to ascertain if your children will need to do any catch-up work so that they are on par with the other children. If necessary, provide them with whatever tutoring or help they need, so that they can be optimally successful and happy at the new school.

Do everything you can to ensure that your children will be able to make friends quickly. Look into enrolling them in local after school classes or leagues. If you attend a house of worship, look into classes and groups your children might enjoy. Try to meet the parents of your children’s new classmates and set up after school playdates.

It is critical to plan ahead for the big day of the move. Here are more tips to plan for your move.

Here are some other things to consider:

  • It is best to have your children stay with a grandparent, family member or trusted good friend on the actual day if someone is local. This will keep them safe and happily engaged.
  • If this is not possible, hire a sitter to spend the day with you, looking after their safety and tending to their needs.
  • Prepare ahead of time ample food and drink. The food should be as non-perishable as possible and easy to eat. Include in your ice chest some of your children’s favorite foods and treats to keep them positive.
  • Prepare ahead of time toys, games and books to keep your children entertained during the long moving process.
  • Your children are going to want to take a nap or relax during the process. It’s a good idea to leave a blanket, pillow, or other comfort items (perhaps their favorite stuffed animals) that they have access to during the day.
  • It is critical to have with you a box of items that you might need in a hurry. Make sure that this box remains in a safe area during the move (the bathtub is a great place to keep important items that stay with you and don’t go on the moving truck). These items should include medicine, Band-Aids, your children’s favorite books, toiletries, and other personal items.
  • Given that the front door of your old and new homes will be open during the move, make certain that your children are kept safe and remain inside the home.
  • Children will often want to play with the moving dollies and cartons that are in the home during the move. Moving boxes can be a great source of fun for children, but they can be hazardous with little children if your little one gets inside. And attempts to speed race on a dolly can also prove treacherous. Be sure to monitor your children’s usage of moving equipment during a move.

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How to move a Washer and Dryer with Pony Express Moving

Moving a Washer and Dryer with Pony Express Moving Services

Washers and dryers are susceptible to moving damage

Washers and dryers are often damaged in a move when their drums have not been properly secured during pre-moving preparation and servicing. This can result in costly repairs and parts replacement. In comparison, the cost of professional servicing is nominal.

Pony Express recommends that you enlist the services of a qualified technician to service, disconnect and prepare your major appliances for a move, for your own safety and for that of your appliances.

Preparing Your Washer and Dryer for a Move

  • Disconnect
  • Clean & air dry
  • Secure the drum
How to move a Washer and Dryer with Pony Express Moving

Moving Washing Machine

What to Know About Disconnecting Your Washer and Dryer

Disconnecting the high-voltage electrical and gas connections for major appliances is dangerous and should be undertaken by a qualified professional. It is easy to make a mistake that results in a dangerous gas leak.

Before moving day, your washer and dryer must be completely disconnected. All utility service supplies (gas, electric, water) must be shut off and disconnected from the washer and dryer before they are moved. This includes switching off any electric breakers and shutting off any gas supply valves behind gas dryers. When you disconnect the water supply behind the washer and dryer, the drain hose should be removed from its standpipe.

Be careful when pulling your dryer out from the wall. There may be hidden electrical, gas supply lines or vents still connected. Your unit may have a flexible or solid vent pipe still secured by a clamp or screws. Remove these first before proceeding to move your dryer out from the wall. 

Safe to Do On Your Own: Cleaning Your Appliance

Before wrapping your washer and dryer in furniture pads, wipe it with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner to remove dust and grime.

It is very important that you leave the washer door open for 24 hours after disconnecting the water supply. This will ensure that your washer is completely dry and free of moisture, to prevent mold.

Avoid Costly Damage in Transit: Secure the Drum

Your washer and dryer may have come with bolts or moving pins to secure the drum and keep it stationary during transit. If you do not have these, ask your qualified service technician about the best way to secure your drum. Many appliance manufacturers also offer washer moving kits.

Important Notice

Your Pony Express movers are not qualified to help with disconnecting, servicing, repairing or reinstalling appliances or utilities at your point of origin or destination. Please have your appliances serviced, disconnected and ready for your movers to transport on moving day. Be aware that your movers can also not remove or install antennas, satellites or air conditioners, nor can they perform any electrical, plumbing or carpentry services.

The Biggest Moving Mistake & How to Avoid It

Moving Mistake & How to Avoid It

The Biggest Moving Mistake & How to Avoid ItThe number one biggest moving mistake is poor preparation- Help us help you. Be sure to give a complete and comprehensive account of everything in your home. Thing about the amount you have to move, how much furniture, what will need to be disassembled, are there stairs, how many big heavy items do you have etc? Errors in the estimation process can lead to disparity between the initial estimate and actual amount of time the move takes. We have been in the business for almost twenty years, we have seen just about everything that could ever go wrong. We do every job to the best of our skill and ability and we aim to be prepared for anything, but it is important for our clients to do their part as well for a smooth, disaster free move.


To avoid your move going over your estimate:

Pack “everything in a box that fits in a box”
Pack everything in your house that can fit in a box. Have larger items and furniture ready and organized for the move as well.  If you hate to pack or do not have enough free time before the move,  ask about our professional packing services.

Get Organized – Label your Boxes
This reduces confusion and surprises when your boxes arrive to your new home. We suggest labeling each box with its contents, what room it belongs in, and whether or not it is heavy or fragile.

Consolidate Loose Items
Pack loose items together or tape them together to help keep track of them.

Communicate With Your Movers
Contact our main office with any questions you have. Inform your movers of any large, sensitive, or heavy items, access issues, etc so that we are prepared with the equipment we need on moving day.

Go “Room by Room”
Don’t be overwhelmed by the big picture. Pack room to room. When you are done, do a circle around the house with an extra box, picking up whatever’s leftover, tying up all “loose ends.”

Don’t Forget to Check the…
Go through every room, closet, storrage space. Check your basement, shed, or attic.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Pack
Give yourself plenty of time–OR hire some packers.  If you are bogged down, call the office and have them send a packing crew prior to the move date. Hiring movers will ensure the safety of your belongings, and reduces the amount of trips you have to make back and forth.


At Pony Express Moving we are experienced professionals in moving, packing, and getting you safe and sound into your new home. If you are interested in our services please contact us at our main office at 617-983-8700  

Pony Express Moving Services is ProMover Certified

Our latest accomplishment is achieving ProMover Certified !

ProMover Certified Moving Company in Boston, MA

What it means to be ProMover Certified :

“The ProMover program takes the worry and the hassle out of moving by helping consumers identify quality professional movers who subscribe to our goals and by providing them with information and assistance with everything from finding a mover, to getting an estimate and packing tips, to understanding valuation and insurance…

The ProMoverSM logo represents nationally recognized, industry-wide standards of conduct for professional movers. It builds on and enhances your company’s and/or van line’s brand identity as an ethical, professional business. All ProMovers are subject to annual review to ensure they continue to meet program requirements.

Intrastate ProMover programs are an opportunity for state associations to operate an established, nationally recognized certification program that serves their members and provides a competitive edge in the local marketplace. The ProMover logo represents nationally recognized, industry-wide standards of conduct for professional movers; it builds on and enhances a company’s brand identity as an ethical, professional business.” From the ProMover Website

Established in 1997 Pony Express was founded by moving industry veterans who believe that every customer deserves the highest level of professional and friendly service.

Our mission statement: Pony Express was founded on the idea that moving does not have to be unpleasant, and that it can and should be a non-stressful, agreeable experience.

You should hire a company you feel comfortable with, a company you can trust and have confidence in. We are dedicated to making you feel at ease, making your move go safely and smoothly, no matter the conditions. We do this by personalizing each move to fit the needs of each client. Our crews are made up of like-able, experienced, confident personnel, not some moving robots with the personality of a brick wall.

If you are interested in hiring Pony Express for your next move, call us for a quote or to set up a meeting 617-983-8700 or contact us online

How to Choose A Moving Company

Things to Consider When Choosing a A Moving Company

How to Choose A Moving Company


Moving is a stressful time, hiring a mover should reduce your anxiety, not add to it. Keep in mind, not all movers are the same. It is important to find people you trust. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to hire a moving company:

Is the Moving Company office staff attentive?  Do they make you feel confident in their ability?

First impressions are important. If the office staff is lacking, it can be telling of the quality of the rest of the service you’ll receive. You don’t want to be stuck with unresponsive staff that can be frustrating and lead to errors that will potentially ruin your move. It is best to find a company with a full time office staff.
Do the Moving Company have proper licensing/authorization/insurance, including Mass DTE, USDOT (for interstate), Workmen’s comp, General Liability insurance, payroll, etc?
At Pony Express we are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and up to date with certifications for interstate moving. However, we know many companies are not, and they will try and trick you into thinking it’s okay. The truth is it illegal for a company that is not authorized to operate out of state. If they are caught their truck may be impounded with your shipment on it, causing an unexpected nightmare in moving!

Do the Moving Company have experienced trained, full time employees, not just day labor?

Anyone can buy a couple of moving blankets and carry boxes, but movers should be trained and experienced who take pride in their work.There are many inexperienced novices out there who are out to make a buck, and don’t care about quality service or customer care. Our employees are hired based enthusiasm, experience, but also on their ability to learn the Pony Express Way–anyone can carry a box, or learn to “stretch wrap” furniture, but to become a truly Great Mover takes time, training, and proper supervision from a qualified leader.
Does the moving company own their own trucks?
 Be sure the company does not “farm out” interstate moves to third parties. You can rest assured that your shipment will be handled with quality and care–from the first item out of the origin to the last item placed in the destination. If a company does not own its own trucks it adds liability and risk to your move.
How long has the moving company been in business?
Moving companies rise and fall – start ups, big businesses, you name it. You want a mover that has stood the test of time. The more successful moves they’ve done the better. Experience and technique add up over the years, and if they can keep up in quality, care, and service, then they stay in business.
Beware of low hourly rates!
This can be a red flag for hidden fees or extra charges for equipment or supplies that should come standard. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Some companies will charge extra for items or furniture that is awkward to handle, or if your destinations doe not have easy access, or if the load has to be hand-carried over a certain distance or requires special handling. Don’t get caught being charged too extra because there are stairs involved. These are called flight charges and long carry charges. Be sure to ask about them when consulting a mover.
Schedule an appointment in person
Trust your personal experience with a moving company. Online reviews should not be the deciding factor, these can be bought. Meet with the staff, you should have a good feeling about the people you’re going to trust to move all of you personal belongings to your new home. There should be no doubt in your mind that they’re going to give you the best experience possible. If there’s one thing you don’t want – it’s a surprise on moving day.