Established in 1997 Pony Express Moving Services was founded in 1997 by moving industry veterans who believe that every customer deserves the highest level of professional and friendly service.

Our mission statement: Pony Express Moving Services was founded on the idea that moving does not have to be unpleasant, and that it can and should be a non-stressful, agreeable experience. Hiring a company that you feel good about, one that you have trust and confidence in, is the first and most important step in making sure your move goes smoothly and safely.

We are dedicated to making you feel at ease and do this by personalizing each move to fit the needs of the particular client. Our crews are made up of likeable, experienced, confident personnel, not some moving robots with the personality of a brick wall.

So, now that we’ve been introduced, The Choice is yours: Go with the can-do-attitude of Pony Express Moving Services, or opt for one of those other companies. Whichever way you do choose, we sincerely hope that your move is a safe and uneventful one.

Meet the Business Owner: Josh B.

I didn’t start “winging it” with a blanket and a van, I began as an industry-trained professional with a vision. A vision to create a truly great moving company with a spotless reputation of helping people comfortably make the transition to their new homes. It gives me great satisfaction to see people smiling and waving as the truck pulls away from their new place for the last time. My own uncompromising standards are sent down the line to the men, with periodic training memos, demonstrations, and, well, sometimes just barking at them.

I personally hire my men based not only on enthusiasm and experience, but also on their ability to learn the Pony Express Way–anyone can carry a box, or learn to “stretch wrap” furniture (a process that is not only ineffective, but also extremely wasteful), but to become a truly Great Mover takes time, training, and proper supervision from a qualified leader.  Anything less is flying by the seat of the pants.

At Pony Express we are a bit like a big family, with Moving as our focus.  And, like a family, everyone has different traits and strengths.  We do our best to target each move with a crew that will be the best fit.  If I’ve learned anything over the quarter century I’ve been in this business, it is that each and every move is different–different situations, clients, areas and the like–and so each move needs to be treated differently.  There is NO computer program that can give you as accurate a quote as a human being can, whether through a “virtual walk-through” over the phone, or via an on-site estimate. If in the rare instance something goes wrong, or you are not satisfied, you can speak to me directly so we can reach a solution.  Additionally I am available to my crew chiefs for answers if they run into difficult situations in the field.

Our Certifications

MA DTE #30592
USDOT #2173747
Federal Motor Carrier #754996

It is ILLEGAL for ANY mover to operate in MA without the DTE number and also ILLEGAL to operate interstate without DOT/MC numbers. Always check movers for these qualifications.