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Packing Tips and Packing FAQ

Packing Tips and Packing FAQ Answered by Professional Boston MoversPacking Tips and Packing FAQ

With over 19 years as a licensed, insured, and bonded moving company Pony Express has countless number of local and long distance moves under our belts. We are one of the longest lived moving companies in Boston with over a hundred years combined experience among our movers. There is nothing we have not seen or dealt with when it comes to moving.
Any professional mover will tell you the key to speeding up your move is good packing. The more prepared you are, the more efficient your moving day will be. When you’re hiring movers, you want your crew to have as few loose items to deal with, so work ahead of time to be sure everything that can fit in a box is already packed, and packed safely. We are committed to making sure your move runs smoothly and safely without any surprises. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions that we’ve compiled to help you pack better for a better move.

What is that best way to pack dishes for moving or storage?

  •  Use plenty of packing paper. Newspaper works great. Crumple up the pieces and make a layer the bottom of the box. Tuck the paper in the sides of the box after you’ve loaded the dishes in so that nothing can move around.
  • Don’t put your plates or bowls in flat. Put your dishes in the box resting on their standing edge.
  • Use a dish barrel box for packing (pictured on the left). Dish barrels are boxes specifically designed with double-walled extra protection for china, antiques or fragile items. If you are packing using a dish barrel, work heaviest to lightest. Heavier items go in first so they don’t put too much weight on the lighter, more fragile items.

Should I disassemble my furniture when I move, or leave it together?

  • Taking apart heavier or larger items like bed frames, tables, or shelving can save you time and space, especially on a long distance or interstate move, when you only want to make one trip.
  • Be sure you keep all the parts together! If it is a complex piece of furniture, consider making a diagram to help you put it back together afterward.
  • You can also have movers come in in advance to disassemble your furniture on a packing day, or on the day of the move. Be sure to communicate with your movers to discuss your needs ahead of time.

What packing materials are best? Are packing peanuts bad?

  • Packing peanuts are more for mailing. News paper, paper pads and cardboard are good for moving. Packing peanuts can cause motion of items inside the box, which can lead to damage.
  • Professional movers use “clean newsprint” paper. If you are packing fragile items yourself you can use recycled printed newspaper that you have at home.
  • Think twice about bubble wrap  as well. Wrapping things with bubble wrap can cause compression breakage.

When packing, be sure that all of your boxes are loaded with heavier items in the bottom of the box. Properly packed boxes ensure the safety of your belongings, and your moving crew. If you do not have time to pack, or are unsure how to pack large, awkward, or fragile items, contact our crew at Pony Express to learn about packing services. Our professionals will come in before your moving day, and go room to room packing your belongings for safe travel. Call us today to learn more about our moving and packing services, local or long distance. We are located in Jamaica Plains Boston and we have moved our clients all over the country including New York City, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Chicago. Call today at 617-983-8700 or e-mail us

Is a Packing Service Really Worth it?

Packing Service

Packing ServiceAsk anyone, the worst part of any move is always the packing. Packing often takes the longest, and also is the most tedious of all the jobs. The more it tires you the more likely you are to start throwing things in boxes. If you take short cuts and are not careful with the way you pack your items, you increase the possibility of loss or breakage of things that are important to you.
Though it seems like an easy task, you often don’t realize what an undertaking it is to have to pack your whole house. Do you know the safest way to pack dishes? How to properly pack a box? How to store books? There are many reasons why you should choose to take advantage of a packing service when hiring a mover, here we’ve outlined our top reasons why you should hire a mover to pack for your next move.

Top 4 Benefits of a Packing Service:

  1. Safety  – Belongings are properly packed and labeled to withstand the stress of transport
  2. Convenience and speed – Professional packers are much faster than packing yourself
  3. Proper organization – Saves real time on the actual move and makes unpacking faster & easier
  4. Liability – Mover assumes liability only for items packed by the company
We are moving professionals. We have been moving businesses and families since 1997, we know a thing or two. We have watched tragedies of poorly packed boxes and crates that slow down your move. Our movers are experienced and trained to find the safest, most efficient way possible to transport your belongings to your new location.
Hiring movers to do your packing saves you time on moving, reduces risk of lost or broken items, and increases your peace of mind, letting you focus on what really matters. Having someone professionally pack your belongings will not only speed up the process of packing, but it will also make unpacking faster and easier. You will know where everything is and know that it is safe and organized and clearly labeled.
At Pony Express Moving we are experienced professionals in moving, packing, and getting you safe and sound into your new home. If you are interested in our services please contact us at our main office in Jamacia Plains at 617-983-8700