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Moving Out of Your College House, Dorm, or Apartment

Moving Out of Your College House, Dorm, or Apartment

Moving Out of Your College House, Dorm, or Apartment

Moving Out of Your College House, Dorm, or Apartment

As most college students are preparing for finals and end of the year projects, the last thing on your mind is probably moving out of your dorm, apartment, or college house. Whether you are graduating this spring, moving abroad, or are taking a summer job somewhere other than your college town, you may have to think about moving on top of finals.

Moving isn’t fun—it doesn’t matter if you are moving a whole apartment or a single room dorm. However, when you have a professional moving company like Pony Express Moving Services, moving is easy. Below are several reasons why you should hire a moving company to help you move out of your college house, apartment, or dorm.

Reasons to Hire a Moving Company for College Moves

  • Final exams. Why is it that you must think about packing and moving during final exams? Unfortunately, when the end of the year comes, so do finals and moving. When you hire a moving company, you can focus more on your studies and less on how you’re going to move.
  • Stairs. Do you live on the 5th floor of your college dorm? Remember how hard it was moving all of your items to your dorm room? Don’t go through that again. Let a mover help you!
  • Goodbyes. Whether you are graduating or simply leaving for the summer, saying goodbye to your closest friends is never easy. Focus more on spending time with friends and saying goodbye rather than packing and moving.

College should be one of the best times of your life—don’t let it go to waste by packing and moving furniture all day! Let Us do it for you!

About Pony Express Moving Services

Pony Express Moving Services is a moving company located in Boston, MA. Whether you are graduating or just leaving for the summer, our movers can help you move out of your college home and into your new home.

We are the perfect moving and storage company for students attending:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology     Cambridge
  • Harvard University     Cambridge
  • Boston University     Boston
  • Tufts University     Medford
  • University of Massachusetts Amherst     Amherst
  • Boston College     Chestnut Hill
  • Northeastern University     Boston
  • Brandeis University     Waltham
  • Worcester Polytechnic Institute     Worcester
  • Mount Holyoke College     South Hadley
  • University of Massachusetts Boston     Boston
  • Smith College     Northampton
  • Clark University     Worcester
  • Williams College     Williamstown
  • Amherst College     Amherst
  • Wellesley College     Wellesley
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell     Lowell
  • Berklee College of Music     Boston
  • Babson College     Babson Park
  • University of Massachusetts Medical School     Worcester
  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth     North Dartmouth
  • Bentley University     Waltham
  • And more …

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Final Moving Out Checklist

Moving Out Checklist

Final Moving Out ChecklistThese are the final few steps that you should take when you are moving out of an apartment or home. This ensures that you don’t leave anything left over when you leave, and that you are protect yourself financially from potential squatters.

  • Check the utility meter. Make note of the levels of the utility meter for your home as you leave. The best way to do this is to take a picture of the meter with a date. That way, if you are billed for the next tenant you have evidence of your last use of the utilities.
  • Leave a note for the tenants moving in. Give them your new address just in case of any incoming mail you hadn’t redirected yet, or if someone calls you at your old house number.
  • Check all of your rooms and closets on your way out. People often leave things high up in their closets, tucked away and forgotten. Check your wall cabinets in the kitchen as well; high cabinets also end up having left over items as well.
  • Check behind furniture you are leaving behind. If you are leaving an apartment with furnishings, check behind couches and tables for extension cords, phone chargers, and whatever else may have fallen back there.
  • Unplug your fridge and leave the door open so that no mold collects.

Moving is a struggle, but with the right preparation the process isn’t so bad. For questions about packing and moving services in your area, contact us today !