The Biggest Moving Mistake & How to Avoid It

Moving Mistake & How to Avoid It

The Biggest Moving Mistake & How to Avoid ItThe number one biggest moving mistake is poor preparation- Help us help you. Be sure to give a complete and comprehensive account of everything in your home. Thing about the amount you have to move, how much furniture, what will need to be disassembled, are there stairs, how many big heavy items do you have etc? Errors in the estimation process can lead to disparity between the initial estimate and actual amount of time the move takes. We have been in the business for almost twenty years, we have seen just about everything that could ever go wrong. We do every job to the best of our skill and ability and we aim to be prepared for anything, but it is important for our clients to do their part as well for a smooth, disaster free move.


To avoid your move going over your estimate:

Pack “everything in a box that fits in a box”
Pack everything in your house that can fit in a box. Have larger items and furniture ready and organized for the move as well.  If you hate to pack or do not have enough free time before the move,  ask about our professional packing services.

Get Organized – Label your Boxes
This reduces confusion and surprises when your boxes arrive to your new home. We suggest labeling each box with its contents, what room it belongs in, and whether or not it is heavy or fragile.

Consolidate Loose Items
Pack loose items together or tape them together to help keep track of them.

Communicate With Your Movers
Contact our main office with any questions you have. Inform your movers of any large, sensitive, or heavy items, access issues, etc so that we are prepared with the equipment we need on moving day.

Go “Room by Room”
Don’t be overwhelmed by the big picture. Pack room to room. When you are done, do a circle around the house with an extra box, picking up whatever’s leftover, tying up all “loose ends.”

Don’t Forget to Check the…
Go through every room, closet, storrage space. Check your basement, shed, or attic.

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Pack
Give yourself plenty of time–OR hire some packers.  If you are bogged down, call the office and have them send a packing crew prior to the move date. Hiring movers will ensure the safety of your belongings, and reduces the amount of trips you have to make back and forth.


At Pony Express Moving we are experienced professionals in moving, packing, and getting you safe and sound into your new home. If you are interested in our services please contact us at our main office at 617-983-8700