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How to Choose A Moving Company

Things to Consider When Choosing a A Moving Company

How to Choose A Moving Company


Moving is a stressful time, hiring a mover should reduce your anxiety, not add to it. Keep in mind, not all movers are the same. It is important to find people you trust. Here are some things to keep in mind when looking to hire a moving company:

Is the Moving Company office staff attentive?  Do they make you feel confident in their ability?

First impressions are important. If the office staff is lacking, it can be telling of the quality of the rest of the service you’ll receive. You don’t want to be stuck with unresponsive staff that can be frustrating and lead to errors that will potentially ruin your move. It is best to find a company with a full time office staff.
Do the Moving Company have proper licensing/authorization/insurance, including Mass DTE, USDOT (for interstate), Workmen’s comp, General Liability insurance, payroll, etc?
At Pony Express we are fully licensed, insured, bonded, and up to date with certifications for interstate moving. However, we know many companies are not, and they will try and trick you into thinking it’s okay. The truth is it illegal for a company that is not authorized to operate out of state. If they are caught their truck may be impounded with your shipment on it, causing an unexpected nightmare in moving!

Do the Moving Company have experienced trained, full time employees, not just day labor?

Anyone can buy a couple of moving blankets and carry boxes, but movers should be trained and experienced who take pride in their work.There are many inexperienced novices out there who are out to make a buck, and don’t care about quality service or customer care. Our employees are hired based enthusiasm, experience, but also on their ability to learn the Pony Express Way–anyone can carry a box, or learn to “stretch wrap” furniture, but to become a truly Great Mover takes time, training, and proper supervision from a qualified leader.
Does the moving company own their own trucks?
 Be sure the company does not “farm out” interstate moves to third parties. You can rest assured that your shipment will be handled with quality and care–from the first item out of the origin to the last item placed in the destination. If a company does not own its own trucks it adds liability and risk to your move.
How long has the moving company been in business?
Moving companies rise and fall – start ups, big businesses, you name it. You want a mover that has stood the test of time. The more successful moves they’ve done the better. Experience and technique add up over the years, and if they can keep up in quality, care, and service, then they stay in business.
Beware of low hourly rates!
This can be a red flag for hidden fees or extra charges for equipment or supplies that should come standard. If it sounds too good to be true, it is! Some companies will charge extra for items or furniture that is awkward to handle, or if your destinations doe not have easy access, or if the load has to be hand-carried over a certain distance or requires special handling. Don’t get caught being charged too extra because there are stairs involved. These are called flight charges and long carry charges. Be sure to ask about them when consulting a mover.
Schedule an appointment in person
Trust your personal experience with a moving company. Online reviews should not be the deciding factor, these can be bought. Meet with the staff, you should have a good feeling about the people you’re going to trust to move all of you personal belongings to your new home. There should be no doubt in your mind that they’re going to give you the best experience possible. If there’s one thing you don’t want – it’s a surprise on moving day.