What should I pack last before move?

What should I pack last before move?

What should I pack last? Before you move, you probably want to get everything stored away as quickly as possible. But you can’t forget about the things you’ll need to have accessible for the last few days in your old place. Here are a few things you should avoid pack till the last day, unless you want to go digging back into your perfectly packed boxes.

–          Toiletries including toothbrushes, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper.

–          Snacks and coffee. A lot of people will order food out for the last few days before they move, but you may want to keep some light snacks and your coffee maker around.

–          Box cutter or pocket knife. You’ll be happy when you start to unpack.

–          Tape measure. This will come in handy when you are moving into the new place.

–          Phone charger, both for your car and a wall charger.

–          Extra extension cords, a flashlight, and batteries. In the off-chance of an emergency, you won’t want to have to sift through all of your packed things.

–          Trash bags. You’ll want to keep a couple bags to clean anything up on your way out.

–          Medications. This can go along with your toiletries. Keep these handy and throw them together with your toiletries as you leave.

If you keep these things handy, you’ll probably be in good shape for the last few days in the old apartment or house. Good luck!