Five Tips for Moving in the Winter

Five Tips Moving


Five Tips Moving in the WinterThe winter can be a great time to move. Apartments can be found at better rates and moving companies tend to have more open schedules as the majority of moves happen during the spring and summer. But, moving in the winter comes with its own risks. Here are a five tips moving to consider during the winter.

  1. Clear the snow from walkways at your old house and your new house. Get plenty of salt if the walkways are icy so that you can avoid the risk of falls.
  2. Don’t pack winter clothes and supplies. Have some shovels, salt, ice scrapers, and ice picks easily accessible when you get to your new place. You should also bring along extra warm clothes that you can pull on quickly.
  3. Protect your floors with broken down cardboard boxes. Moving in the winter is pretty messy, but you can spare some of the mess by putting down cardboard or plastic in the entryways of your home.
  4. Check the weather forecast and have a back-up plan. If the weather is too rough, make sure you and your moving company are on the same page and have a back-up day planned. If there is someone moving into an apartment that you are leaving, make sure to get in contact with them. If the weather is so bad that you can’t move, they probably aren’t moving either.
  5. Make sure that your utilities will be turned on by the time you get to the new house. In the winter season, sunlight is limited. You’ll need to have your electricity turned on before you get there. You’ll also want your heating to be going before you get to your house.

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