Moving Your Elderly Parent

Moving Elderly Parent

Moving Elderly Parent

Maybe you saw it coming or it hit you like a ton of bricks – your parent is growing old and role reversal is beginning.  The time has come when your parent needs to move out of their “forever” home and start their next life chapter by either moving in with you or into a retirement community.  In order to make this challenging time easier, you must assist them with decisions like hiring a moving company and offer them support when they’re adjusting to their new lifestyle.  Transitions can be tricky, but here’s how to smooth them over.

Support Them Emotionally

Giving up the home where they lived most of their adult life, with memories permeating every corner, can be traumatic.  Your parent chose this home to build a happy life, carefully selecting the right furnishings and creating a welcoming family haven.  Leaving this place may be the right solution, but that doesn’t make it any easier.  Listen to their concerns and let them vent their frustration and sadness.  Even though moving may be ideal, they fear loss of control over their circumstances, says A Place for Mom .

Where Will They Live?

Where will the movers deliver your parent’s possessions? Figure out what your parent needs along with your close relatives and decide what’s best for your parent – moving in with you or to a retirement community or other facility.  Ask them what they’d be most comfortable doing and who in the family can handle the responsibility.

Discuss Changes With Family

When decisions have been made and moving services arranged, talk with the family about how the move affects everyone.  Then you can discuss what house rules need revision and what new routines must be implemented.  Ensure family members including your Moving Elderly Parent are aware of the changes, who is responsible for what, how it will work and that everyone is on board.  Work out any kinks before the move occurs.

What to Keep vs. What to Give Away

One of the hardest parts about downsizing, especially when sentimental objects are involved, is deciding what to keep and what to dispose of or give away.  You parent may need a sensitive hand to hold while sorting through the furniture and possessions they collected through the years.  If they decide that some items are too precious to get rid of, but they do not have the space to store them in their new home, investigate what storage options we offer through FlatRate Moving.

What Do They Need?

In considering what your parent needs to stay happy and healthy, many factors arise.  Will they require supervision during the day or are they self-sufficient? Will they need to be driven to daily activities or doctors’ appointments or do they still drive well?  Will they have enough companionship in the area? Are activities they enjoy readily available and local? Are their favorite stores in the neighborhood? How can you help them acclimate to their surroundings?

Modify Your Home

Another consideration to make is how your house will accommodate your parent if they move in.  You may need to modify your living space, so that they’re comfortable and free from dangers like falling or climbing stairs.  What are their privacy needs, says, and do you need to remodel an attic or another room for them?  Will your finances cover the extra expenses or will they be able to contribute to your home expenses and their personal care?  Before you contact the moving company, decisions must be finalized to benefit Moving Elderly Parent.