How to Move During Major Holidays

Move During Major HolidaysHow to Move During Major Holidays

When you decide to move, you never know when your actual moving day will be.  If you’re selling a home, it could be snatched up by a buyer within a month or take over a year to find the right person.  Unexpectedly, you could end up moving around a major holiday or celebratory event like a birthday or graduation.  This complicates things if you wish to celebrate, and the moving company is scheduled to arrive during the festivities.  No disappointment necessary – you can celebrate and move simultaneously without missing the fanfare by following these moving tips.

Talk to Your Moving Company

Check with your moving company regarding moving rates during major holidays and holiday weekends to ensure it doesn’t cost more than anticipated.  If you absolutely must move around that time, you can budget for more money.  Also, make sure that movers are available at that time.  Packing in advance or hiring movers to pack for you will relieve extra pressure.

Traffic Report

Ask your municipality about changes and delays in traffic patterns due to previously scheduled parades and other holiday events.  Finding out at the last minute that a road is closed could interrupt the route chosen for moving.  Inform your movers of possible snags in transporting your furniture which they may or may not realize and let them know your concerns.

Hire a Sitter

If you have younger children who are disappointed in missing out on holiday festivities because of the move, find a sitter.  A sitter could take your little ones to a Halloween Trunk-n-Treat or the fireworks.  It will enable you to move into your new place and keep them amused.  Although they will miss their parents in the beginning, they’ll return with happy holiday stories to share.

Look for Holiday Activities

Before you move to your new town, find out what holiday activities they offer residents or what nearby festive events are happening.  Although you may cherish your typical holiday traditions, here’s your chance to create new ones, make new memories and meet new neighbors.

Host a Themed Housewarming or Holiday Party

How much fun would it be to host a holiday-themed housewarming party or in celebration of family milestones like an anniversary?  In fact, with a ready-made theme, a joint housewarming/holiday party will be memorable, highly anticipated and easy to plan.  If you need assistance from friends and family, ask them to bring a paintbrush to help paint, food for a potluck party or wear comfortable clothes for an unpacking party.

Don’t Stress Over Decorations

Yes, decorations are part of the magic of the holidays, whether it’s for Christmas, Independence Day or a special birthday, but is it the most important ingredient? Absolutely not! Adding to your stress by worrying that you didn’t hang graduation balloons on the mailbox after you just moved is unnecessary.   Furthermore, don’t beat yourself up that your furniture isn’t perfectly arranged or a trash can temporarily lurks in the living room.  With time, your home will assume its welcoming aura.

Postpone the Party

Maybe moving wiped you out so much that you just cannot fathom celebrating.  A holiday or birthday celebrated on a different day does not diminish the fun or its importance.  Postpone the party until after your moving boxes are empty and your energy returns.  Then you can party hearty and celebrate in style in your new home. Remember, moving is hard work and all you need for a perfect holiday is your favorite people.