Long Distance Moving and Family Life

Long Distance Moving

long distance moving

Long distance moving

Sometimes, circumstances dictate when the whole family can move together.  Maybe your spouse transferred jobs, but you haven’t yet sold the house or you want the kids to finish the school year before the moving company moves everything to your new home.  Maybe you are embarking on a long-distance romance until you decide where you both can reside together.  Today with technology, living apart doesn’t have to intervene with your relationship or family life.  Of course, you’ll miss the proximity you once shared, but you will survive by making these temporary accommodations.

Plan Frequent Visits

Depending on how far apart you’re living from your spouse or family, try to schedule frequent visits at either location.  Seeing each other happy in familiar and new settings will comfort you and also excite you about the future when the movers will bring your belongings and help you settle into your new surroundings with your loved ones.  The anticipation for in-person visits will guide you through the difficult and lonely times.

Keep Communication Lines Open

Staying connected is vital when you’re living apart.  Schedule a definite time during the day when you talk on the phone, Skype or FaceTime with one another, so you’re up-to-date on daily happenings and when you need a friendly face to wish you a goodnight.  Social media channels offer the chance to share daily life and milestones as well as how you’re feeling.  Use e-mail to communicate about issues regarding your house sale, potential neighborhoods to live in and when, finally, to contact the moving company.

Stay Busy

If you keep busy by participating in activities or joining clubs in your new neighborhood, you’ll feel less lonely and will meet new friends, learning about your new locale.  When loved ones join you, and the movers transport you all to your new home, you’ll be able to introduce them around the neighborhood like you’ve lived there forever.

Establish Rules

Before the separation occurs, go over any rules to keep during your time apart.  Whether it’s how to maintain the household, staying faithful to your partner or how much money to spend on what and when, you must discuss.  If you share children, it’s even more tantamount to establish rules, follow routines and keep discipline consistent.  Remember that until the moving company reunites you that the parent who’s the primary caretaker now must make decisions about daily life with the kids and their partner must respect and understand this.  Moving decisions may also fall into that person’s lap, too.

Understand Each Other

During this transition period and temporary separation, emotions will be hard to harness and will cause occasional misunderstandings.  The best thing you can do is express understanding and reassurance, talking about anything that’s bothering you.  Clearing the air and not allowing concerns and fears to fester will strengthen your relationships.  Some children will need constant reassurance that the situation will improve, won’t last forever and that your family is a strong, loving one.  Once the waiting period is over, contact Pony Express for all your long distance moving needs.  Being reunited will feel so good!