Advantages of moving in the spring

The spring season is a time for rebirth and renewal, as the weather gets warmer, flowers bloom and the air feels crisp and clean. Being that it’s a season that signifies change, it only makes sense that it’s also a popular time to move. The changing of the season and the transition from the cold, frostbitten chill of winter to the warming sun and gentle breeze of spring is a perfect way to transition into a new stage of your life. Spring is also advantageous for many other reasons.

Advantages of moving in the spring - Pony Express Moving ServicesAdvantages of moving in the spring

Moving during the spring season has many benefits a lot of people overlook because of how common it is to move during the summer. Because of the longer days and the increase in temperature, as well as cheaper prices for moving companies, it’s becoming more common to moving during the spring:

  • The biggest advantage when you choose to move during the spring is the mild weather which certainly makes the moving process a lot easier than trying to maneuver a moving truck in the snow or having to load it in the sweltering heat. Moving includes a lot of work, and doing this kind of labor in high temperatures or inclement weather makes it difficult–sometimes dangerous. The excellent weather conditions present during spring definitely reduce the stress that we experience physically and mentally while doing moving-related labor.
  • Spring is also a great time to move if you have kids–there are a lot of days off from school during the spring. Long weekends for holidays and an entire week for spring break enable children to make an easy transition to their new school without affecting their grades. It can be very difficult for any child to attend new classes and make new friends–planning your move during spring break will help your child ease into his or her new school.
  • Spring is often one of the best seasons for selling a home. Many people like to buy a new home in the spring so they are settled by the time the summer arrives. Because of this, you are more likely to sell your house quickly and for a great price than you would be during other seasons.

Planning your moving in the spring season

Many people choose to move during the spring because of the abundant availability of movers and moving supplies, which will only become harder to find once the peak summer moving season gets underway. That’s why moving during the spring will save you money – there is less of a demand for movers and it will be much easier to find a company willing to work with you for competitive prices.

  • Secure a moving company as early as possible for your planned moving date, and then begin planning every other aspect of the move around that date. Brainstorm a list of all the things you need to have when organizing the move and keep it somewhere that makes it readily accessible for you at all times.
  • Get a Free Quote Now. Because of the fact that the spring borders on the peak season for moving, be careful when obtaining quotes and watch out for movers that try to take advantage of the urgency of the season by over-charging.
  • Before you start packing, make sure that you take an inventory of all your belongings, and make note of what needs to be packed first. The best things to pack first are all of your cold-weather clothes such as sweaters, jackets and boots. These tend to be the most difficult to pack and since you won’t need them for a while, it will be best to get them out of the way.