Moving with Kids Tips

Moving with Kids – Fun and Less Stressful for You and Your Kids

Moving with Kids

Moving is a stressful process with or without children. If you and your family are moving, here are some tips to make for an easy transition and less stress on moving day. Making your kids a part of the move is important to making a smooth transition into your new home as a family.

Assign Tasks

You may be thinking your kids will only cause you chaos during the moving process, but think of ways they can help. This will keep them occupied and will help you get more done. Make moving day easier by assigning tasks to your kids. Make sure the tasks are age appropriate. The added responsibility will keep them focused and busy. No one knows your kids better than you do, so assign them things they can handle.

Make Moving with Kids Fun

Turn packing into a game to make things more interesting. Turn sorting clothes or stuffed animals into basketball. Use I-Spy and Hide and Seek to cross things off your packing list. On moving day play energetic music that your kids like so everyone stays upbeat and excited. Make a playlist or CD that is a mix of everyone’s favorite music.

Keep Favorite toys or Items in a Special Place

Give your kids 2 minutes to pick out the most important things they can’t live without. The items they collect will give you a good idea of what is important to them. Pack these items in a special suitcase or overnight bag so your kids can have the security of knowing their most prized possessions are safe and accessible. You can also let them pack their favorite toys in a special box and let them color on the cardboard to personalize it.

Keep Snacks and Water Handy for Everyone

Everyone gets a little cranky when they’re hungry. Moving with kids is strenuous and takes a lot out of everyone. Make sure you and your kids are staying hydrated and fed with easy things like granola bars or trail mix.

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