Transition Your Family Into Your New Community After You Move

Transition your family into your new community after you move

Transition Your Family Into Your New Community After You Move

At Pony Express we are experts in all things moving. With over 19 years of experience we have moved  a great number of families into their new home. We understand how important it is to make your new home your own as you transition into a new town or city.

Be sure to involve the whole family in activities that will help you settle in take some family time after your move to explore and get to know your area. Support each other and explore as a group and get involved in the community. It is important to build those ties and bonds not only for yourself, but for your kids as well. Transitioning to a new school with new friends can be traumatic. Make the moving and Transition Your Family easier by taking the time after you move to settle in and get to know your new home together.

Explore the Neighborhood on Foot

Take an evening walk after dinner or on the weekend during the day to get to know your neighborhood. Make this a habit when you first move in. Familiarize your kids with the area. You want them to like their new home and feed safe playing outside. Take bikes and explore a little further. Go as a family to nearby hiking trails and family fun spot. Find a favorite pizza place or ice cream parlor and begin to make new family rituals in your new town. Transition Your Family

Join Groups in the Community

Have everyone in your family choose an extracurricular group to join. This will help you get to know other people with similar interests and adjust to the new area. Committing to it as a family will help you all follow through with it. Let your kids choose their group or activity so they are personally engaged and connected to it. Think about sports, theater, or a class at the YMCA. Joining groups helps you become a part of the new community.

Break the Ice With Your neighbors

Think of fun and creative ways to get to know to your neighbors. Host a cookout and make sure everyone’s involved. It’s important to meet your neighbors and engage with them so you feel safe and at home in your new neighborhood. This is also a great way for your kids to connect with the other children in the area.

Tour the New School

Avoid the trauma of the first day of school by touring the building beforehand. Most schools offer new student orientation which is a great opportunity for your kids to familiarize with the building so they don’t get lost and perhaps meet some other students and staff members so they have some familiar faces when their first day rolls around.


Pony Express is committed to helping you with a stress free move to you new home. For more tips on moving and packing for move or your relocation. Whether is local, long distance, or even interstate moving, we are the movers to call to get the job done right. Take the stress out of your move and call today 617-983-8700