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Tips for Moving in the Fall

You'll get the best moving day rates (and weather) in fall.

You’ll get the best moving day rates (and weather) in fall.

The fall is one of the best times to make your move. Aside from avoiding the sweltering heat while lifting heavy boxes and organizing your belongings, the summer season is also the busiest time to move – making it more expensive. While the fall season isn’t as frugal as winter, you can avoid snowy conditions and inclement weather. Here are five tips for making your fall move frugal and effortless.

1. Choose transportation. With the busiest moving season in your rear view, you’re likely going to save on moving service rates. Moving truck rates are all about supply and demand. With less people moving in the chillier seasons, your odds of negotiating a lower rate are much higher. Keep in mind most people move toward the end of the month, so if you can, try to avoid this time period. Call several providers to get rates and play around with the dates.

Depending on how much stuff you have and what you want to take from your old place, you may not need a moving truck at all. If this is the case, you’ll have to strategically pack everything in your car, but before you do this, make sure to go in for a service. Get your oil changed, and have the mechanic check your wiper fluid, antifreeze and other important aspects of your engine. You don’t want to be halfway to your new place and break down on the side of the road.

2. Pack wisely. Randomly throwing items into boxes is a mistake you will quickly regret once you reach your new place. Plan ahead by storing similar items in containers and labeling the boxes. This way, when you finally get ready for unloading boxes at your new home, you can take the pots and pans straight to the kitchen instead of piling everything in the living room.

You should also consider filling a box with essentials to keep in the car with you. For example, you might want to set aside an extra set of warm clothes, toilet paper, a toothbrush and some snacks. You’re going to be exhausted by the time you have everything moved in, so having a few important items like this on hand will give you a moment to relax instead of tiredly digging through containers for various essentials.

3. Think ahead. Moving everything into your new place will be a hectic time, so make sure you think ahead. With cold temperatures a daily occurrence now, set up your utilities in advance. It would be extremely frustrating to arrive at your new home and freeze the whole night because you can’t turn on the heater. It would also be hard to see if you don’t have any electricity. Plus, by setting up all of your utilities ahead of time, you’ll be more likely to do your research to ensure you’re getting the best deals and packages.

4. Clear pathways. Autumn is full of beautiful multicolored leaves that are enjoyable during a brisk walk around the neighborhood but cumbersome when trying to move boxes. Set your broom near the door on moving day. Before anyone starts walking boxes to the car or truck, sweep aside leaves and other debris that have fallen across the sidewalk. This is particularly important if it has rained recently. Leaves can quickly become slick and hazardous for people trying to carry heavy objects.

5. Dress appropriately. The weather is starting to become considerably cooler, so set out an outfit that will be comfortable for moving boxes all day. Shorts are probably a little too airy for this time of year, but a sweatshirt might make you sweaty. Go with a happy medium by donning layers. Find something that will keep you warm, but is still light enough for hard work.