Moving Myths

Naysayers will tell you that hiring a moving company and moving in general are bad ideas.  It’s too expensive; too much work and you should just stay put instead of striving for better.  However, we all harbor dreams of living in exciting cities and beautiful homes that not only suit our needs but offer us comfort and peace at the end of hard days.  Tales once told about unpleasant moving experiences spiral into horrific moving epidemics.  Don’t let the mythmakers deter you from planning your move! Listen up while we debunk common moving myths.

Moving Myths

Any Box Will Do

Most people will suggest you visit your local grocery or liquor store for used moving boxes.  However, this is not always foolproof.  Boxes should be sturdy with flaps free from damage and uniform in size so that they’ll “be easy to stack on a dolly,” says Realtor.  If you choose to use boxes not provided by your moving company, you risk packing prized possessions in a box that won’t stay intact when movers pick it up, causing possible loss or damage.

You Don’t Need Special Packing Supplies

Although it’s easier to pick up any old pen found in your junk drawer or mug on your desk, not every pen makes its mark.  A permanent marker used to label moving boxes will last longer with more clarity.  Use packing tape that will secure boxes – not peel off seconds after you tape it.

Move on a Friday

Rumor has it that it’s best to move on a Friday since you’ll have the whole weekend to commit to unpacking, says Realtor.  Of course, that’s true, but you’re not the only one with the same idea.  Movers are busiest on weekends and in warmer weather making moving dates hard to find and pin down.  Prices could also be higher.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Mover You Hire

Although you may think it doesn’t matter which moving company you hire, it means the difference between high prices, hidden charges and loss/damage/theft or safely receiving your belongings at a reasonable cost.  Compare prices and moving services each company provides and rely on word-of-mouth.  At  Pony Express Moving Services, we will work with your budget and offer you a variety of services.

Movers Wait to be Paid

Called “the biggest myth about moving of all”, movers cannot wait to receive payment until moving day is over.  The majority of movers require a deposit to hold the day, secure supplies and a crew.  Then payment is due for transporting and unloading your items upon receipt.

Don’t Worry – Moving Insurance Covers EVERYTHING

Who cares if the movers break your fine china? The moving insurance included in your contract will cover everything you own even if it wasn’t on the inventory list, right? Wrong! Insurance in your moving contract only covers part of lost or broken items.  If you wish to sign up for more protection for something valuable, you will have to get extra insurance.  Read the fine print in any case.

Hidden Charges Always Pop Up

You’re not even worried about moving expenses when you first begin scheduling your move.  Then the bill appears, you review it, and cannot understand why hidden costs were added to the final total.  Ask your moving company representative before you sign the agreement about which costs you are responsible for or choose us at Pony Express Moving Services .  We will discuss the cost and figure out how it works with your budget.