How to Get Your Security Deposit Back

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Get your security Deposit Back

Moving is expensive, save money where you can.Get your security Deposit Back

Apartment dwellers often overlook how easy it is to ensure the return of their security deposit. If you are moving out of an apartment where you paid a deposit, you should start making moves to take care of any potential damages to ensure it will be paid back to you. Get the small things fixed ahead of time. Repairing minor damages in advance is going to cost less than what your landlord will take out of your deposit.

Some quick fix ideas to save money while moving:

  • Fill holes in walls from nails, tacks, and screws
  • Clean or repair any damage caused by pets – including any pet odors
  • Repaint the walls to their original color
  • Clean out the fridge
  • Don’t leave behind any furniture or trash
  • Clean carpet stains and vacuum

Schedule a walk through with your landlord before their final assessment. Ask them what their expectations are, what they would like to see repaired or improved. Get an idea of what they might want charge you for, and take care of it before you move out. Be sure to leave the place as clean as you found it.