Winter Moving Tips

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Winter is here and many people prefer to stay huddled up under the covers when it’s cold outside. This means that a move during the middle of the winter can seem like a nightmare. However, in some cases, you have to move when you have to move, so you might not have much choice.

Luckily, moving during the winter can actually be a good thing in some ways. Since so many more families choose to move during the summer, your moving company might not be as busy as it is during other times of the year. The truth is that many people choose to move when it’s warmer outside; plus, some families prefer to move during the summer, when their kids are out of school. This means that you may be able to enjoy more flexible scheduling, more personalized attention and even lower rates for services. However, there are a few things that you should know when packing up and moving during the winter time. You might even find that it’s not as bad as you thought it would be at all.

Winter Moving Tips

Get Started Early With Winter Moving

Since it gets dark so much earlier in the winter, you might be lacking in daylight hours during your move. To take the most advantage of the daytime hours, get started with packing early in the day so that you can call it a night fairly early, before it gets too dark. This will allow you to stay safer, since you won’t have to worry about taking loads outside when it’s slippery and dark. Plus, the temperatures are sure to be more comfortable during the daytime hours as well.

Keep Your Walkways Free of Snow and Ice

The last thing that you want to worry about is slipping and falling while carrying a box full of your best China. Even if you tend to slack off on it the rest of the time, it is imperative for you to keep your walkways free of snow and ice. Walking on slippery walkways is dangerous enough as it is, and it becomes even more dangerous when you’re carrying heavy boxes. Along with keeping the walkways free and clear at your old home while you’re packing, consider hiring someone to scrape at your new home so that you won’t arrive to dangerous conditions.

Dress in Layers during Winter Moving

While you’re packing and transporting items from your home to the moving truck, consider wearing layers of clothing. You’ll want to stay warm, but you probably won’t want to wear a big and bulky coat when you’ve got so much work to do. Dressing in layers will help you stay warm without being as bulky. Plus, you can take off a layer or two if you get hot while you’re packing.

Make Sure Your Car is Ready

You don’t just have to worry about the moving truck; you presumably also have to worry about your car making the trip to your new destination. Make sure that it’s ready for the trip by checking the tread and air pressure in the tires and scraping away any ice and snow so that you have better visibility. Stock your car with an emergency kit and plenty of blankets so that you and your loved ones will be safe in the event of an emergency.

Keep Your Winter Supplies in the Car

You might need your various winter supplies, such as your windshield scraper or your mittens, so don’t pack them away in boxes. Instead, consider tossing all of your winter supplies into one storage container or laundry basket and keeping them in your car. Keep them in a place where they can be easily accessed if you need them.

Keep an Eye on the Weather – Winter Moving

In the weeks and days before your move, keep an eye on the weather reports. You’ll want to know about any incoming winter storms that you might have to worry about. You may need to be flexible about changing your plans if there is particularly bad weather coming your way; in particularly bad weather, it could be dangerous to continue your move as planned.

Keep Something Warm to Drink

You, your family members and your moving crew will probably be craving something nice and warm to drink while packing, moving and unpacking in the winter weather. Consider packing your coffee maker and supplies last so that you can make coffee, or use your slow cooker to keep a batch of hot cocoa or apple cider on hand. You can always use disposable coffee cups if you have already packed all of your mugs away.

Hire a Professional for Winter Moving

Hiring a professional to assist you with moving is always a smart plan, but it can be especially smart when you’re moving during the winter months. If you have never driven a moving truck before, driving one might turn out to be more challenging than you think. This is especially true if you’re going to be driving in snowy and icy conditions. A professional mover, however, will be better able to drive the truck in the winter weather conditions while staying safe and keeping your packed possessions safe as well.

Take Precautions in the House

You will probably be tracking ice and snow in and out of your old house and your new one while moving. Consider investing in carpet remnants to throw down in a path through each house. If you have extra cardboard boxes lying around, you can also bust them open and lay them flat on the floor. This will help keep some of the melted mess under control and will provide some traction for you, your family and your moving crew.

Protect Your Possessions – Winter Moving

The winter weather can lead to damage to your possessions if you aren’t careful. Snow can cover your boxes and melt, causing them to be soaking wet. Extreme temperatures can damage more items than you probably think. For example, even your plates and glasses can crack when they are exposed to extreme temperatures, and the last thing that you probably want to arrive to your new home with are a bunch of broken or otherwise damaged items.

The idea of moving during the cold winter months can be a pretty miserable one. However, if you and your family need to relocate now, you might not have much choice. Luckily, you can help your winter move go a lot more smoothly if you follow these helpful wintertime moving tips. In no time, you’ll be able to snuggle up in the warmth and coziness of your new home.

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