How Long Should You Schedule Your Move in Advance?

Schedule Your Move in Advance

Schedule Your Move in Advance

Trying to work a move into a busy life is always very difficult. It requires a lot of logistics and schedule juggling to ensure everything lines up and goes smoothly. One of the best ways to facilitate this is to schedule your move early with a moving company.

How Early Is Too Early?

It’s never too early to book your move! There’s really no downside to booking with Pony Express Moving Services.

Why Is Booking Your Move Early Important?

Getting your move locked down early offers a myriad of benefits.

If you wait too long to start that process, we might be full, and you might miss out on your ideal mover. If you delay significantly, it might inhibit your ability to book any reputable mover like us, which could have significant ramifications for your moving plans.

Booking far enough out also ensures you have the time to properly pack, donate, or sell all your items. This helps you be organized and prepared come moving day.

For instance, if you are at all familiar with Boston on September 1st then you know what kind of chaos to expect. Most leases and move in dates for students start on Sept 1 which clogs the streets with moving vans and trucks. This is the busiest time of year for most movers, so plan your move in advance and contact us early.

Our services for the summer and fall book up fast. Schedule in advance. Be prepared ahead of time and call us to start the process. For more information on scheduling your move contact us at 617-983-8700.