Protect Furniture When You Move

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Protect Furniture

Protect Furniture When You Move

A lot of furniture gets scratched or broken during a move. If your furniture is not well protected in the moving truck or van, it is at risk for scratches, dents, and breaks. Whether you are moving on your own or hiring a professional mover, here are some tips to protect furniture when moving:

  • Wrap the legs of furniture
    For chairs and tables, use cloths, old socks, or towels to wrap legs or protruding parts of your furniture. This will not only protect your piece of furniture but it will also minimize damage to walls and doorways in case of bumps along the way. This will also protect your floors and carpets while you’re moving in and out.
  • Be Wary of Loose Items
    Protect your furniture from other objects in the truck that might cause scratching or nicks during the move. Tie down loose items like brooms, rakes, etc that might fall or jumble around in the truck causing dents or damage.
  • Sharp Corners and Scratching
    Use furniture padding and blankets between pieces of furniture in the truck. Cover sharp edges of headboards, picture frames and mirrors in cardboard or padding. Be sure to also allow padding or blankets between the walls of the truck and your furniture. when loading and unloading.
  • Keep Track of Small Pieces
    If you disassemble your furniture, take all the hardware and keep it together. Take the pieces like bolts, nuts, and screws and wrap them in bubble wrap and tape them securely to the piece of furniture they belong to so they don’t get lost.
  • Use Pillows
    You can use pillows and bedding in between items in the truck to reduce movement and friction. This will help prevent scratching, bumping, and scraping. Be sure to wash your bedding after the move before you use them again.

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