Moving in the summer

We know the many virtues of summer as the perfect time to move. Not only is the weather gorgeous, but it’s less likely to impede your progress by turning into rain or snow. Students and many workers also have the added bonus of more flexible schedules. Summer is also when there are simply more houses available, and July especially is considered a boom time for the real estate industry.

Moving in the summer

But just as there are many benefits to a summer move, there are certain challenges inherent to the season. It’s important to recognize these obstacles and prepare for a quick and less costly move.

“Hot weather can make moving a genuine hassle.”

1. The weather
You may not have to contend with ice during the summer, but all that sunshine and warm weather can still have a negative effect. Higher temperatures can make moving feel all the more intense, and it’s easy to lose your nerve when you’re covered in sweat. It’s a problem that’s going to be especially pronounced over the next few years. According to the Weather Network, summer 2016 will feature record-breaking highs across the U.S., with less precipitation expected throughout the North East. All of that means warmer, dryer air, and that can be difficult to look forward to during an extended moving process.

2. Heat-related damage
It’s not just people that have to contend with warm weather. Many personal objects can also warp or break down due to the heat in your vehicle or moving truck. According to the Council on Library and Information Resources, both CDs and DVDs are quite sensitive to temperature variations. Most of these items must be stored around 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it doesn’t take long in 100-plus-degree temperatures to ruin these for good. It’s also important to consider light exposure. If discs aren’t properly packed away, ambient sunlight can warp or destroy them. Like the heat, it doesn’t take much light to damage an entire collection.

3. Busy moving services
Because there are so many benefits to moving in summer, a number of people take advantage and relocate before the fall. In fact, according to figures from the Network, between 11 and 13 percent of moves take place in summertime. All of those moves result in a greater demand, and that often means less flexible moving dates and tighter schedules all around. Even the best services aren’t immune to the summer surge, and you should enter any summer move expecting some delays. If you plan ahead properly, though, you can help mitigate some of these issues.

A truly cool partner
No matter what challenges summer may present, you can still overcome most of them if you hire the right moving service. Pony Express Moving Services has years of experience planning and implementing summer moves (not to mention fall, winter and spring). They understand the logistics involved in this time of year and account for heat and temperature. Pony Express Moving Services is a partner during the moving process, and they make moving like your own little vacation.